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Our Plants

All the plants we sell have been propagated here in the nursery.

Elaeagnus umbellataMost are seedlings, which means they are quite small, this not only makes transporting them safer and cheaper, but should also allow them to establish much quicker in their permanent positions. Some are cuttings from our well established stock plants, and we are hoping to increase the numbers propagated in this way especially for those plants that are single sexed so we are able to offer known sex plants where appropriate.  Pot grown, so they are available all year round.

Latin Plant List

 As they generally suffer from fewer bugs than their more cultivated cousins, they rarely require the use of sprays; the only regular pest control we use is the biological nematode for vine-weevil.

Wolfberry/Lycium barbarumOur compost is organic and mostly made up of composted bark, topsoil, sand and pelleted chicken manure.  This seems to be working well so far.Given the conditions are right and they are initially kept moist and weed free, once established they should look after themselves for years to come.  

 Pollination can sometimes be a problem, although most are self-fertile they will generally all fruit better if more than one of the same species are grown together.

Please be aware that the sizes given in the plant descriptions are only a rough guide. Plant height and width depends as much on the conditions and climate they are growing in so can only be approximated.

If you need help deciding what to grow and where, try our PLANT SELECTION page to give you a few ideas and for information on stock availability and to see what new plants we have on offer, keep a regular eye on our Home page. More pictures on our facebook page too.



 Most of the plants we sell are now in stock except for a few that we often have trouble propagating, sometimes we do have one or two of these plants so it can be worth enquiring.