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K O R E Wild fruit nursery

We are an old fashioned, small-scale mail order nursery based in South Wales specializing in plants that produce edible fruit from all over the world.

The plants we grow are 'wild' in the sense that they have not been selected or bred for any particular characteristic like some of our more familiar garden fruits. They are just as nature created them.

Japanese wineberry Japanese Wineberry/Rubus phoenicolasiusRubus phoenicolasiusSilver-Stemmed Bramble/Rubus biflorusRubus biflorusSaskatoon/Amelanchier alnifolia 

Our aim is to offer our customers a wide range of unusual fruiting plants, trees, shrubs and perennials including a number of natives, some that are otherwise quite difficult to come by and all produced here in the nursery. Something useful and different to provide variety for your sustainable food production, simply to make use of that awkward corner and shady spot, or to help fill up the wildlife garden.

                            Cornelian cherry    

If you need help deciding what to grow and where, try our new PLANT SELECTION page to give you a few ideas and for information on stock availability and to see what new plants we have on offer, keep a regular eye on our UPDATES page. More pictures on our facebook page too.


Please take a look through our pages and see what we have on offer to inspire and help you in your garden!


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