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K O R E Wild Fruit Nursery


For more details and information on our plants, stock availability and delivery, please contact Coral at;

Latin Plant List

New Address;

Bridport House




SA48 8RL

Tel: 01570 470439

Email: info@korewildfruitnursery.co.uk

Email order form 

PLEASE NOTE; sometimes my reply to the email order form will go straight into your junk mail! If you don't hear from me within a day or so please do check, as I will always reply ASAP!


We apologise to our potential customers for not having the more usual and convenient means of ordering, this is because our stock levels are variable and need checking before you send payment. If you let us know by email what you would like to order or fill in the Email order form above we can check our stock and send you an invoice for online payments either by credit or debit card, or by paypal.

For cheque payments please print off our plain order-form and send it to us with a cheque made payable to Coral Guppy or just post your requirements in letter form, so long as your instructions and contact details are clear.

Postage and Packing rates for the UK are;

Up to 3 plants - £5.00, up to 6 - £8.00, up to 12 - £12.00, up to 18 - £15.00, up to 25 - £20.00, up to 35 - £25.00, up to 50 - £35.00.  Over 50 please enquire.

For delivery on a particular day please add £8.00

Postage and Packing rates for the EU are;

Up to 3 plants - £8.00, up to 6 - £12.00, up to 12 - £18.00. Over 12 and outside the EU, please enquire.

A full printed copy of the plant list is available, please send an A5 S.A.E. to the above address.


Please let us know where you first heard of our nursery, we would be most grateful.

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                                                     Wild strawberry/Fragaria viridis