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Saskatoon            £6.50

Amelanchier alnifolia      More available in the autumn

A close relative and shrubbier version of the Juneberry, (A. canadensis and lamarkii), this is a lovely and increasingly popular plant to grow.  Attractive all year round, rather variable in height as it can eventually get to be some 3m tall though we have some mature plants that have only reached about 1.5m.  In the spring it is a mass of white blossom and the young leaves are a copper colour as they first emerge. 

The tasty fruit is ready in late June-July, dark purple and 10-15mm in size.  To top it all, the leaves then turn golden in the autumn.  Good for bees, windbreaks and hedges, it will grow in any soil, even chalk, dry or damp but will fruit better in full sun.
The berries are sweet and some say with an apple like flavour, but the birds do love them too I’m afraid.  They are popular in Canada with a long tradition of use, raw, cooked and preserved in any way you can an apple.

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Amelanchier alnifolia blossom     Saskatoon berries

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 Amelanchier alnifolia