Chequer Tree (Sorbus torminalis)

Chequer tree 
(Sorbus torminalis)

Wild Service berries (Sorbus torminalis)
We have young plants available, about 20 cm high grown in 7 cm pots.

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A lovely tree of ancient woodlands, the chequer tree or wild service berry is native though rare. 

Doing well even in clay or limey soils it's not a difficult tree to grow with a bit of sun, getting up to 15 m in height in time. With it's scaly grey peeling bark and maple like leaves,  golden autumn colour and frothy white flowers in spring it would make a lovely, unusual specimen tree.

The interesting fruit is about 12 - 18 mm, russet and speckled, said to have a date like flavour if 'bletted', it has some history of use as a flavouring for ale and was sometimes planted outside your local pub once long ago. 
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