Wild Fruit Nursery 

Something unusual and delicious for your garden and kitchen


We are an old fashioned, small-scale mail order nursery based in West Wales, specializing in plants that produce edible fruit, berries, bulbs, leaves and more from all over the world.

Willow-leaved sea buckthorn berries
See our selection of trees, some native, some hard to come by, all propagated here on the nursery.
Japanese wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius)
Large Shrubs
Large shrubs from all over the world, size range from small trees to large raspberry canes.
Blue honeysuckle
Small Shrubs
A good range of smaller shrubby plants, ranging from about 1 m in height to prostrate.
Spikenard (Aralia racemosa)
Herbacous perennial plants that produce either edible fruit or flowers including some species strawberries.
Lemon blossom
For something unusual, exotic and fruity for the greenhouse, conservatory or windowsill.
Mashua tubers
Unusual Veg
Including perennial and ancient vegetables, with some interesting tubers from America.

Please take a look through our pages and see what we have on offer to inspire and help you in your garden!

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