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About KORE

Our aim is to offer our customers a wide range of unusual fruiting plants, trees, shrubs and perennials including a number of natives, some that are otherwise quite difficult to come by and all produced here in the nursery. 

Berries and fruit

Why grow wild fruit?

Certainly not to replace those more common we already grow in our gardens, but hopefully to compliment them with some interesting additions.

Some have a long history and tradition of use amongst the native people where they originate, from North American Indians to our own ancestors here in the UK.

Whatever type of garden you have be it large or small, damp or dry, acid or alkaline we can provide something that will be happy to grow there. We have plants that are suitable for ground cover, hedges, shelterbelts, shady woodland gardens or sun baked terraces.

We will have something useful or different to provide variety for your sustainable food production, simply to make use of that awkward corner and shady spot, or to help fill up the wildlife garden.

Silver-stemmed bramble berries
Native strawberry
Wildlife is also something we are passionate about, and many of the plants we sell provide food for birds, bees and beasts as well...

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