Black fruiting raspberries (Rubus leucodermais and occidentalis)

(Rubus leucodermis and occidentalis)

We have young plants available, about 20 cm high 
grown in 7 cm pots.
R. leucodermis  In stock

R. occidentalis  available in spring

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There are two species of American black-fruited raspberries we have on offer.

Our black-fruited raspberries, are sometimes known as blackcap in the US where they come from.
First, the Rubus leucodermis, with handsome bluish white stems and big prickles, will get to be about 1.5 m high with arching fairly slender stems, fruit a bit on the bloomy side and born throughout the summer.  
Second, Rubus occidentalis has shorter, thick shiny red stems that branch in the second year, and smaller shiny fruit in mid-summer.
Both require similar conditions to our usual raspberry and can be managed in the same way, or left to fend for themselves in the wildlife garden, if you just want to feed the birds. 

Although the fruit of both is a little smaller than their much-cultivated cousin, they taste good and look great mixed in with them for pud. 

 Don’t forget you can make tea with the leaves as well.  
Black raspberry
We also stock the mysore raspberry, a large productive raspberry for growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel.
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