Arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus)

Arctic bramble 
(Rubus arcticus)

We have young plants available grown in 7 cm pots.

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A true native of the north, arctic brambles are also known as the nagoonberry in Canada, or in Finland as mesimarja.

A low growing herbaceous perennial, (no more than about 30 cms high) arctic brambles can be used for decorative early season groundcover or rockery in the sun, with pretty pink flowers in late spring, delicate pale green foliage and bright red bramble like fruit all through the summer. It is of course, very tolerant of the cold and generally quite tough, happy in most soils so long as it's not too limey, and good drainage is necessary for them to thrive. 

The flowers and fruits seem to continue through most of the early summer, giving a few sweet/acid berries to add to a mixed fruit salad (or nibble), birds allowing. 
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