Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum)

(Tropaeolum tuberosum)

Mashua flowers
We usually have small to medium sized tubers available through the autumn/winter, and young plants growing in 7 cm pots in the spring

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The pretty flowers and leaves of mashua can be eaten too!

Mashua is a relative of our more common nasturtium, but grown for it's interesting tubers, their delicious fragrant flavour are much used in the Andes in stews, baked or fried. 

Plant out after the frosts about 30 cm apart, they will need some net support as they can climb over a metre if doing well with lots of warm sunshine. Water your mashua well or they will stop growing so a good thick mulch will help. Leave the plants as long as possible into the autumn and lift once the foliage has completely died back, once dried the tubers can be stored in the same way you would your potatoes.
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