Raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis)

Raisin tree 
(Hovenia dulcis)

Japanese Raisin Tree
We have young plants available, about 30 - 40 cm high
grown in 7 cm pots.

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If you want to try something weird then the Japanese raisin tree is for you. 

Coming from China, it's small and decorative, with large leaves that are pale and polished preferring as it does plenty of sun and a well-drained soil.  

The Japanese raisin tree flowers quite late in creamy clusters, which in a hot summer will be followed by the 'fruits'. Actually, these are not fruits at all but 'savoury peduncles' or, swollen stems if you prefer, which when fully ripe have the very sweet flavour of raisins.
In China they are used to make something called tree honey, said to be good at counteracting the effects of alcohol. More usually though, they are just picked and eaten.

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