Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Sea buckthorn 
(Hippophae rhamnoides)

Sea buckthorn
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A strong growing native of our sand dunes, the sea buckthorn makes a great hedge or groundcover. 

Sea buckthorns fix nitrogen in the soil as well as producing a very nutritious fruit so they make a useful addition to any wildlife garden or hedge, especially if you have a sandy soil.   

They have thin silvery leaves, rather insignificant flowers in the summer followed by bright orange berries in late summer/early autumn for which you will however; require a male and a female, as our stock is usually grown from seed we are unable to tell what sex they are, so our prices are low allowing you to plant several, and we sometimes have 3 for 2 offers when stocks allow.

 The juicy berries are fiddly to pick, but in spite of being a bit on the acid side make a very refreshing and nutritious drink with a hint of apricot.

If you have more room then w can also supply you with the sea buckthorns larger cousin, the Willow-leaved sea buckthorn (Hippophae salicifolia).
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