Scarlet strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)

Scarlet strawberry 
(Fragaria virginiana)

Scarlet strawberries
We have plants available growing in 7 cm pots.

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The scarlet strawberry is the species used by TipTree for their famous jam!

Scarlet strawberries  are native to North American and much appreciated by the native American people, the Mohawk name being Noontak tek hah Kwa, which means, ‘growing where the ground is burned’. They will grow happily pretty much anywhere burned or not, but will seek out as much sun as they can. 

Deciduous, it has slender greyish leaves and is tall for a strawberry, with masses of small white flowers in spring followed by tiny sweet red fruits in early summer with an intense taste. Another parent of our modern hybrids.                                                 .
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