Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica )

(Eriobotrya japonica)

Loquat tree
We hope to have more young plants available again soon.

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The loquat can give a tropical look to a conservatory or polytunnel and does extremely well in a large pot.

Actually from China not Japan, the loquat is an exotic looking small tree that will survive well enough outside in this country, but is unlikely to fruit unless in a greenhouse or conservatory. Small and evergreen, it can reach about 3 m in time, with large handsome leaves and pale yellow flowers that are strongly scented. 

The problem is it produces them in the late autumn when not only is it getting cold, but there are no insects around to pollinate them. If you can offer them a little warmth at that time and don’t mind pollinating by hand you might persuade it to fruit but even if you can’t, it still makes an attractive pot plant. The fruit is about the size and colour of a small apricot, they are delicious eaten just as they are.

We apologise for our lack of stock but we have just planted the last few we had in our new polytunnel, more next year with luck!
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