Kousa (Cornus kousa)

(Cornus kousa and kousa chinensis)

We have young plants available, about 20 - 40 cm high 
grown in 7 cm pots.

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Kousa (Cornus kousa chinensisLow stock

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A large elegant shrub or small tree from China, kousa has an open slender habit making it most attractive. 

Kousa will tolorate a shady site and is happy on most soils that aren't chalky or water logged. 
The small insignificant flowers are surrounded by creamy-white bracts in the late spring-early summer, followed in the early autumn by fruit that look quite strawberry like, are about 20 mm in size with a very sweet pulp...and after all that the autumn colour is fantastic! 

We have two forms available at the moment, the standard C. kousa which is smaller and more shrubby than the larger C. kousa-chinensis

Either are well worth having. 
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