Meyers lemon (Citrus meyeri)

Meyers lemon 
(Citrus meyeri)

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Like all citrus trees the meyers lemon is an attractive evergreen with wonderful scented flowers in spring and early summer. 

The meyers lemon used to be considered a variety of the ordinary lemon, C. limon, but is now classified on its own largely because it is hardier, surviving a few degrees of frost and the fruit is rounder than most lemons, thin skinned and very juicy. 

More of a shrub than a tree, it does very well in a pot of lime free compost, sits out side on the patio in the warmer months, but mine come into the conservatory in the winter which is when the fruit ripens. 

There is nothing like picking your own lemons, even if there's only enough for a gin and tonic now and then and the fragrance of the flowers is second to none!
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