Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica and cathayensis)

Japanese and Cathay quince 
(Chaenomeles japonica and cathayensis)

Japanese quince
We have young plants available, about 20 - 30 cm high 
grown in 7 cm pots.
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We have two species of japanese quince on offer both of which are pretty and productive.

Japanese quinces are hardy deciduous shrubs with a spreading habit and spiny branches, its profuse, bright orange flowers are often seen in gardens during the spring where they give a welcome splash of colour. 

Chaenomeles japonica will grow in any soil, to about 1 m so would look good as a low growing hedge, flowering and fruiting more in full sun but it will be fine even in deep shade. The bees love the large colourful blossom early in the spring and the fragrant yellow fruits are about 40 mm across and freely produced.

We are also pleased to offer it's much larger cousin, the cathay quince Chaenomeles cathayensis which is an exciting new plant for us, so we are not yet familiar with it's details. The information we have is that it will grow to about 3 m in sun or shade, hardy, dislikes soil that is too limey but is otherwise easy to grow and extremely ornamental with large dark pink/red blossoms early in the spring. The fruit is produces is similar to C.japonica if a little larger both of which can be used like any other quince.

We also stock the Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis), which is more tree-like and produces similar fruit.
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