Ugni (Ugni molinae)

(Ugni mollinae/Myrtus ugni)

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Also called the chilean guava, ugni is a small evergreen shrub from Chile resembling the myrtle to which it is related.

Shrubby in habit ugni can get quite large but will accept pruning happily enough and would make an attractive hedge in the warmer parts of the country as it will survive outside but be less productive. They will do very well in pots though, of any good compost which stand outside in the summer to facilitate the pollination of the small white, bell like flowers, which are produced freely in through the summer. 

The fruits are produced all through the autumn, and they may only be the size of peas but are intensely fragrant and will fill your greenhouse or polytunnel with a lovely scent. The delicate strawberry like flavour makes the little effort of producing and picking them well worthwhile. 

 Eat raw or cooked or steep in cold water to make a very pleasant drink.
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