Strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum)

Strawberry guava 
(Psidium cattleianum)

Yellow strawberry guavas
We have young plants available, about 10 - 20 cm high
growing in 7 cm pots.
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Yellow fruiting  In stock

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The strawberry guava is a lovely and usefull plant for a conservatory.

Decorative and practical, strawberry guavas are reasonably tolerant of the cold so long as they don't freeze and quite content to be in a pot. Being bushy in habit it can be cut back quite hard in early spring to encourage new growth, which does not seem to hamper production of the flowers, which are a creamy white fluffy affair with an exotic perfume in the early summer. (You may wonder where the strange smell is coming from).

These are followed quite late in the autumn by the fruit, which is fragrant and delicious, about the size of a strawberry and either bright yellow or a dark burgundy colour, though the flesh is paler and when fully ripe. Thin skinned, sweet/sharp aromatic and juicy like all guavas.
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