Umbinza (Halleria lucida)

(Halleria lucida)

We have young plants available, 10 cm high growing in 7 cm pots

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In the southern area of Africa where it grows, umbinza is enjoyed by the local native people.

Umbinza is a very graceful plant sometimes known as the African Honeysuckle, it needs the shelter of a conservatory or greenhouse in this country to survive, but makes an attractive pot plant. Shrubby in nature it can reach about 1 m high, it will cope well with being trimmed as necessary.

The beautiful orange/yellow, tubular flowers are particularly rich in nectar and followed by purple/black berries, which fall to pieces in you hands but are sweet and juicy, about 1 - 2 cm in size and usually just picked and eaten, though in some parts of Africa they are also used in rituals and witchcraft...
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