Macqui (Aristotelia chilensis)

(Aristotelia chilensis)

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Or Chilean wineberry if you prefer, the macqui is an interesting evergreen from South America.

Large and handsome, macqui can reach up to 5 m in time, making it useful in hedges especially in areas of maritime exposure for which it's well suited. Better in the milder parts of the country though, as it can suffer from die back in a severe frost but will usually bounce back in the spring. Preferring its soil to be neutral to acid, it will tolerate shade but do better in full sun. 

The small greenish white flowers are followed by small dark-red fruits not unlike currants, that are used by the locals in their native lands for wine-making among other things. 

Most information about this plant states that it is single sexed, which means you would need a male and female plant to produce fruit, but our only flowering plant has proved itself to be self-fertile. We should have cuttings of this plant available again soon.
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